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Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007, 03:51 pm

I wanted to redo this because i haven't posted in a while

How long have you loved horses?: From the womb
When was the first time you had the chance to ride?: at fairs when I was little, but I started getting lessons at 8
Did you/are you taking lessons?: not anymore, i would like to but i don't have the money really
Do you prefer English or western or some other style?: i ride hunter jumper, but lately i've been lazy and riding bareback. i rationalized it by saying it would help my balance and my seat, but i never stopped.
What riding styles have you tried?: hunter, hunter over fences, dressage, western: pleasure, reining, and i have done gymkhana's, not my thing
Have you ever jumped?: yes. i love it, but my horse can't go as high as we used to because he hurt his foot :( we still do up to 3 6 though
Do you like trail riding? : love it, it's how i unwind
Where do you ride? : CT
Who is your favorite horse(s)?: mine
Which breed do you prefer? : i personally love big german warmbloods (holsteiners are my weakness) but i have a quarter horse im in love with right now
How many horses have you owned or leased?: 4

Now answer questions about your current horse(s), whether you lease, own.
Do you own/lease/love a horse or horses? : yes
What are their name(s)?: Sox
What breed are they?: Quarter Horse
Color? : Chestnut
Mare/gelding/stallion?: Gelding
How Old?: 13
What are their personalities?: playful momma's boy
What are they trained/being trained in?: we dabble in everything
Describe how you got your horse(s): um. i knew him when he was younger, my horse got arthritis and couldn't keep up with me anymore, i got him.
What are their registered names, if they are registered?: Justa Sockof Cash


none of the others are on this comp