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Wed, Oct. 26th, 2005, 05:11 pm
chiquita522: Show Clothes for Sale

Hey, this is cross posted to tons of communites, and mods can delete if they need to.

Since I've lost quite a bit of weight, I need to clear out my show closet, mostly Western.  Also, I'm selling off two of my Saddle Seat suits because I just don't them anymore.

All details can be found behind the cut.

This is the Showmanship Blazer that I have for sale.  It's a Hobby Horse, and I believe the Morning Star style.  Size Medium.  Bought for over $300 a few years ago, used for two summers.  Still in great condition. 
This looks great against almost any color of horse, and it's very simple.  Shows off proper body position without drawing attention to movements of your arms.
I'm asking $150 for this blazer

Hobby Horse Vest, size Large. 
It's the Midnite Eleganze Vest, which is no longer produced.  This happens to be the back of the vest, but the front looks identical, except it has a zipper. Bought for nearly $250 a year ago.  The color goes with every single horse color.
I'm asking $150 for this vest since I've only worn it five times, never using pins in the vest itself.

Another Hobby Horse item, this time a knit Slinky.  The knit is lightweight and breathable, but also provides some warmth for the early/late shows in the year.  Size Medium, and an indigo color.  Hobby Horse has stopped making this color and style of slinky.  Just enough flash that you can wear it alone for pleasure, trail, speed classes, or showmanship.  You don't need the body of a twig to look great in this slinky!
Bought for $80, worn five times, asking $40.

I'm also selling a Green and Black taperstery vest.  This is vest will fit the most well endowed or, well, rounder, of us.  Size is around Large to Extra Large.  The buttons are gold buttons mounted onto velcro tabs.  Easy to take on and off.  I'll sell this vest to anyone who wants it, name a price.  If you want a picture, I can grab some the next time I'm home for the weekend.

And now onto the Saddle Seat Suits

This suit was custom made, looks like a professional product.  Smaller sized, probably around a 6 or an 8.  I've lent out this suit for several years to my high school equestrian team, and I just don't have the room to store it.  It's in great shape, and I'll have it dry cleaned before shipping.
I'll part with this full suit (vest, day coat, and Kentucky jods) for $80.

This suit was also custom made, but not to the same caliber as the one above.  The lining is a yellow color with small flowers.  Probably around a size 8.  This includes the vest, day coat, and two pairs of Kentucky jods (riding pair and showmanship/halter pair).  As with the other suit, it was lent out to the high school team and will be dry cleaned before I ship it.
I have this suit priced at $50.

For more info on any of these, e-mail me at SLequestrian@yahoo.com or comment here!