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All American Quarter Horses!!!!

All American Quarter Horses
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Please post this on your first entry:

How long have you loved horses?:
When was the first time you had the chance to ride?:
Did you/are you taking lessons?:
Do you prefer English or western or some other style?:
What riding styles have you tried?:
Have you ever jumped?:
Do you like trail riding? :
Where do you ride? :
Who is your favorite horse(s)?:
Which breed do you prefer? :
How many horses have you owned or leased?:

Now answer questions about your current horse(s), whether you lease, own.
Do you own/lease/love a horse or horses? :
What are their name(s)?:
What breed are they?:
Color? :
How Old?:
What are their personalities?:
What are they trained/being trained in?:
Describe how you got your horse(s):
What are their registered names, if they are registered?: